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ROCSI provides mammogram screening services for the early detection of breast cancer and other breast abnormalities. We use digital mammography, which provides a clearer and more accurate image of the breast and aids in the accurate diagnosis of early stage breast cancers. After your screening a radiologist will read your mammogram and prepare a report.

There are two types of breast evaluation: the screening evaluation and the diagnostic evaluation.

Screening is for women who have no breast problems to check for cancer. Ultrasound and occasionally MRI is added to the screening mammogram in women who are at increased risk based on their family history, presence of the breast cancer gene, or a previous high-risk biopsy.

The diagnostic evaluation is for women (and men) who have a breast problem, usually a lump or abnormal nipple discharge. An ultrasound is often used in conjunction to mammography to further evaluate the problem. A radiologist will be there to discuss the findings directly with you. If the findings warrant further investigation, your radiologist may recommend a breast biopsy.

Every breast biopsy is precisely targeted to sample only the suspicious breast tissue, leaving the rest of the breast intact. In fact, all breast biopsies performed by radiologists use image guidance and are obtained in a minimally-invasive manner without an incision or general anesthesia.

Your physician will recommend the most minimally-invasive procedure possible depending on the size and location of your mass. Having an expert opinion about the type and grade of cancer will affect your treatment from the very beginning.

We offer the following biopsies:



Ensuring the accuracy of your pathology results is of utmost importance. Knowing the exact type of breast cancer and the specifics of its prognostic factors is critical to creating a specific treatment plan that will provide you with the best opportunity for defeating this disease. Our team of breast specialists includes pathologists who specialize in breast cancer and have extensive experience evaluating and accurately classifying breast tissue specimens.

Once you have been told that you have breast cancer or might have breast cancer, you will be referred to a surgeon. At -ROCSI our surgeons are experts in Oncoplastic Surgery. They all work collaboratively to give women the best cosmetic results and options all in one operation. Oncoplastic surgery is most often performed after a lumpectomy and is often done via a breast lift type operation. This is termed a therapeutic mammaplasty. [Link to Therapeutic mammaplasty PDF] We also offer nipple sparing and skin sparing mastectomy for patients who meet specific pathology criteria.

Most, but not all, patients diagnosed with breast cancer need some form of systemic therapy as part of their treatment. At ROCSI, our medical oncologists are specialists in the treatment of breast cancer.
We have a thorough knowledge of the complications, side effects and psychological needs that patients with breast cancer experience. Our medical teams work closely together every day and can coordinate treatment efforts across different disciplines.

Types of systemic therapies that may be recommended as part of your breast cancer treatment:

Patients who undergo lumpectomy breast cancer surgery for treatment of their breast cancer almost always receive radiation therapy afterward. This form of adjuvant (supplemental) therapy uses high-energy rays (such as X-rays) to kill cancer cells or shrink tumors. Most commonly, radiation therapy is used to kill any cancer cells that may remain in the breast, chest wall or underarm area after surgery. It is also used to treat the healthy breast tissue that remains after a lumpectomy—not to kill cancer cells that may have remained, but to radiate the tissue to prevent cancer cells coming back.

Having ready access to professionals who can guide, support, and help you and your family develop coping skills will make your breast cancer treatment go more smoothly for everyone. At ROCSI, our professionals have extensive experience with breast cancer patients and their families and are familiar with the treatment you will be receiving. They also know the doctors and nurses involved in your care. This provides for an integrated approach to getting you well again physically and emotionally.