This surgery combines the latest plastic surgery techniques with a lumpectomy. When a large lumpectomy is required (which will leave the breast distorted), the remaining tissue can be sculpted to restore natural appearance to the breast. The opposing breast will also be reduced to create symmetry. Surgery is completed prior to radiation and does not pose the risks associated with wound healing. Tissue surrounding the tumor is carefully analyzed for the presence of cancer—once when the surgical oncologist removes the tumor, and again when the plastic surgeon operates. Breasts are symmetrical. In the case of a breast reduction, if symptoms of large breasts were a problem before, these symptoms can be alleviated.


The Machi Filotimo Cancer Project is a non-profit company that was officially launched on 29th August 2019 and their goal is to raise awareness for people diagnosed with cancer. The Project was founded by Evy Michalopoulos in memory of her late Mother, Machi Michalopoulos, who passed away on 4th February 2018, World Cancer Day, from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  Machi passed away within six weeks after diagnosis and Evy realized how difficult the path that one has to walk is, whether you are the patient or the family of the patient. Their purpose is to create awareness about Cancer, to educate on early detection and to render palliative care to Cancer patients.  Together with their Partnered Institutions, they work harmoniously in all areas related to addressing Cancer control objectives in order to take care of patients with Cancer and support families of survivors. ROCSI is proud to be associated with this lovely organization. To find out more about the Machi Filotimo Cancer Project please click on this Link ( ).

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a devastating experience. Though some people don‘t openly express how they feel, it is impossible not to be upset when told you have breast cancer. Those who love you are distressed too. ROCSI ensures that you have on-hand access to professionals who can guide, support, and help you and your family. Support Services offered at ROCSI include:
• Psychological Support
• Gynecology
• Aesthetics
• Survivorship
• Patient Navigation & Breast Care Nurse
• Physio & Lymphoedema


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