In the past a facelift was an extreme procedure with unpredictable results, but today, the surgery has become much more refined. Unlike traditional facelifts, the Mini Facelift only corrects the problem areas. These problem areas are caused by loss of elasticity in the skin, loss of muscle tone and the early signs of ageing. The mini facelift is minimally invasive and the results are a more natural look. Making sure you don’t end up with a “plastic” looking face is of key importance to Dr Serrurier. He understands that having corrective surgery should make you look younger and not like a totally different person. The Mini Facelift is equally popular amongst men and women and many people combine Mini Facelift Surgery with Blepharoplasty Surgery, Fillers and Restylane┬« Vital to further rejuvenate their face. For more information on Mini Facelift Surgery,┬ácontact Dr Serrurier’s rooms