Dr Serrurier understands how important a good looking nose is in terms of self confidence and in being accepted socially. Some people want a new nose, some need a correction following a broken nose, and some people want the bump on the bridge of their nose removed. Whatever your reason, you need to understand that your nose is intricate to your face and how easily people recognise you. You need a surgeon that understands that too. Make an appointment to see Dr Serrurier if you need a Rhinoplasty of any kind and he will explain your options and how the surgery can work for you. Dr Serrurier will either perform an open or closed Rhinoplasty, depending on your expectations. This Being trained in both approaches allows Dr Serrurier, to give you the best option for the result you require. Depending on what you would like corrected the recovery times can vary, but in most cases you will be expected to wear a nose splint for a few weeks to ensure the surgical outcome is protected. For more information on Rhinoplasty Surgery, contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms