The Brow Lift is also known as a forehead lift, and it is designed to eradicate those horrible, horizontal forehead lines. Undergoing this surgery will minimise your frown lines and Dr Serrurier can redefine your sagging brow should it be causing you concern.

As with a Full Face and Neck Lift, the Brow Lift incisions are made in the hairline to hide the scars. Speak with Dr Serrurier about your options as he can, upon consultation, assess whether only specific areas of the brow need correcting, or if he needs to remove excess skin to achieve the result you want.

Other complimentary treatments including Fillers and Restylane® Vital are also available as non-permanent solutions to your forehead lines. It is best, however, to discuss these and all your other options with Dr Serrurier, before making a decision.

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