This procedure is scientifically called a reduction mammoplasty, and its a surgical procedure to reduce the breast size by removing skin, breast tissue and excess fat.

Often large over-sized breasts can cause neck and back pain. These, often chronic, conditions can easily be treated with this surgery. If you are considering a breast reduction, please make an appointment to see Dr Serrurier to discuss the various techniques.

Breast Reductions come with certain drawbacks such as scarring, however, the latest surgical techniques do minimise scarring. Post operative treatments too, can help reduce the visible scars quickly and effectively. Charles will discuss your initial reasons for wanting a breast reduction and all the options available to you, and thereafter, will take care to ensure that you are satisfied with your new breast shape and scar treatment.

Women often combine breast reduction with breast augmentation in order to retain a voluptuous breast shape. By discussing this option with Charles, he will be able to give you all the pros and cons, and give you sound advise as to whether this is a good option for you to pursue or not.

For more information on Breast Reduction Surgery, contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms