Liposculpture and Fat Filling are similar procedures to Liposuction surgery with the main difference being that with Liposculpture and Fat Filling, Dr Serrurier will use the procedure to aid in minimal modification and moderate shaping of your body. By removing small amounts of fat and re-injecting them elsewhere, Charles will use his surgeon’s skill and artist’s eye to sculpt your body.

When considering Liposculpture and Fat Filling Surgery, it’s also worth discussing Liposuction Surgery with Dr Serrurier, as they have very different benefits. Liposculpture and Fat Filling can normally be done under local anaesthetic and in Dr Serrurier’s rooms. This means that you will pay less for the procedure and recover faster. Charles will happily discuss the best option with you if you are considering Liposculpture and Fat Filling surgery, all you need to do is make an appointment.

If you are at your goal weight and are simply looking to enhance your look by adding volume to specific areas or removing stubborn fatty deposits that your lifestyle won’t eradicate, then this is the procedure for you. Charles will give you his best advice when considering Liposculpture and Fat filling versus other procedures.

For more information on Liposculpture Surgery¬†contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms