If you are in good general health but simply can’t firm up the shape of your buttocks and thigh area then Buttock and Thigh Lift Surgery is an option you should explore. In essence, Buttock and Thigh Lift Surgery is an operation that removes excess skin from the buttock and thigh areas and creates a tighter, younger and more pert looking buttock area.

Many incisions can be used in the surgery and Dr Serrurier, will discuss them all with you to ensure you walk away happy with the final result.

Post operatively you will be required to wear a compression garment to aid in the final result. If you are considering regaining the shape in your buttocks and thighs and are considering surgery, book a consultation with Dr Serrurier, and discuss the results you’re after, with him.

He will also be able to offer you alternative solutions such as combining Buttock and Thigh Lift Surgery with Liposuction Surgery to further enhance your overall body shape.

For more information on Buttock and Thigh Lift Surgery, contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms