Abdominoplasty Surgery or a Tummy Tuck is basically the removal of fat and excess skin to make your mid to lower abdomen more firm and shapely. Most patients consider this surgery after their pregnancy in order to tighten and tone their stomach, and to get their pre-pregnancy body back. Other candidates may have lost a significant amount of weight and need to flatten their stomachs. Many men and women go for Abdominoplasty Surgery to regain their lost youthful shape, but for whatever reason you want the surgery, Dr Serrurier, will ensure he educates you fully on what your expected outcome may be. This means you will not only understand the procedure, but that Charles has your best interests at heart. Tummy Tuck surgery is a major operation and you need to discuss all the options with Dr Serrurier, to ensure you get your desired result. Charles might ask you to do some exercise before the procedure to further enhance the result, or he might combine the Abdominoplasty with Liposuction to sculpt your body into a more symmetrical, youthful shape. For more information on Submental Liposuction Surgery contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms