The Facial Peel is a cosmetic treatment that reduces skin blemishes, sun spots, fine wrinkles and light scarring. The treatment is designed to stimulate new, unblemished skin to move quickly to the surface layer by chemically removing the older, tarnished skin. Depending on your personal needs and the result you desire, Dr Serrurier will recommend a treatment schedule using various strength peels over time, in order to give your skin a chance to get used to the treatment, ensuring minimal recovery time. Chemical peels offer fantastic results, but they do need an individual treatment plan. If you are considering a Chemical Peel make an appointment with Dr Serrurier to discuss the numerous options available to you. Many patients combine their Chemical Peel treatments with customised treatment plans including Dermal Fillers to further compliment the overall result. The treatment plans try to minimise expense and incorporate the other treatments over a period of time in order to ensure the best aesthetic outcome. For more information on Facial Peels, contact Dr Serrurier’s rooms